Rauhel LLC manufactures log houses using the knowhow and traditions that have accumulated in Estonia and Norway through many centuries. Our houses are handmade and meant for all seasons. The walls of our houses are made of 200 mm (8 inches) cut pine logs. Every log in the wall has received a special treatment. All the logs we use have been carefully selected for the purpose of building houses.


History and traditions

The very first dwelling houses made of horizontal logs were built in Estonia probably about 2,000 – 3,000 years ago. From here the construction skills of log houses spread over the sea, to our Nordic neighbours. The tradition of building wooden houses has survived in Estonia through many generations as fathers have always taught their sons.

Strength and durability

In order to guarantee strength and durability to weather conditions of log walls we use only the central part of the tree trunk, the so-called heartwood, that is drier and contains more resin. Therefore, we first bark the logs and after that eliminate the outermost 2 – 3 cm (the so-called sapwood), which is the wettest and softest part of the log.

Excellent wind protection and temperature keeping

In making corner junctions we use the so-called Norwegian dovetail, which thanks to its unique solution guarantees excellent wind protection and temperature keeping properties, even several decades later. Thanks to a carefully sawn long groove each log exactly copies the pervious one. During the assembling of walls the long groove and notch cavities are filled with mineral wool.

Can be used all year round

Thanks to the thick and carefully isolated walls our log houses can be used all year round even in Nordic conditions. Our log homes have had a warm reception in Norway, France, Denmark, Finland and also in Estonia.